Behind the Gardens

Location: At the foot of Mt. Hood in Oregon on a bluff overlooking the Sandy River.

There are three main parts to the Talisman Gardens:

  • The KNOLL: the front gardens… on a small knoll
  • The CURVES: the side gardens… up against the house
  • The VIEW: the back gardens … looking over Mt. Hood

So far, there are mini gardens on the KNOLL, in the CURVES and on the VIEW. Here are a few:

  • Knoll Gardens: Shade Garden, Veggie Garden, SnapDragon Garden
  • Curve Gardens: The GrapeVine, The Roses
  • View Gardens: The Marigolds, The Yellow and Orange Garden, The Second Rose Garden, The Lavender Gardens…and the new waterfall

The work called Talisman Gardens is truly a work of love –  inspired by so many people and events in my life. I want to eventually create a garden around themes. I want to be able to see or smell or feel something in the garden and let the memories flood me. So many ideas so far, to include in the garden.

  • the sight, the sound, the feel of water, water, water
  • the timelessness of roses
  • the elegance of blue herons
  • the scent of marigolds and lavender
  • the need for curves
  • the endless shades of green
  • the unity and individuality of color

Click here for an introduction to Talisman Gardens: “Memories in a Garden on PhotoPeach” (Turn up the volume on your laptop… It has sound.)

Click here to take a full tour of Talisman Gardens.

2 responses to “Behind the Gardens

  1. /tdw/

    Very nice. I’m glad you have an outlet for all that creative energy . . . and glad that I get to share in it. You’ve done well. Your Mother’s smiling.

  2. Kathy Smidt

    What a beautiful and peaceful place….I’m so glad that you have a “stress-free” place to work this summer….thanks for sharing your work of love with me!


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