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A 99-day journey to my first triathlon!!

My first tri!! What a hoot it was..This little video captures a bit of how I moved through this fun adventure. (Turn on the speakers to hear the music!)

DATELINE: Hagg Lake, Oregon. September 4, 2010
My first TRI ever… and SPRINT length TRI of 1/2 mile swim, 12.5 mile on the bike and a 5K run at Hagg Lake was a joy to experience.. no doubt about it. And sharing it not only with my friends and family here in Oregon but with friends and family online has just added to the depth of the experience.

When I started out with this hair-brained idea (inspired by Brianna’s triathlons), I did not necessarily doubt I could do it, but I’m not sure I really believed I WOULD do it! I tested the idea much like one tests frigid waters with one’s tippy toes. You kind of let an idea slip into your brain. You let it simmer. You find out more about it. You look around you, inside you, up and down and all around for signs that maybe you should or maybe you shouldn’t. What I found on Sparkpeople was loads of signs that I should.

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